Winery & Olive mill Bubrig

Premium red wines

The Bubrig winery produces premium red wines of the Plavac Mali variety from the protected locations of Postup and Dingač. The wines are rich with ripe and soft tannins, with a very rich and full body, as well as rich and complex aromas. The Plavac Mali is considered to be the king of Croatian red wines.

Bubrig winery

The Bubrig family winery produces premium and quality wines from the protected locations of Postup, Dingač, and the Pelješac vineyards. We are also involved in olive oil production. We refine the fruit of the olive tree in the first modern oil mill on Pelješac by using the cold-pressed extraction method.

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil made from olives of the Oblica variety. Made in our own oil mill by using the cold press method, it’s characterized by an intense fragrance, a fruity taste with pungent notes.