Complaints and product recall


In accordance with article 10 paragraph 3 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette, no. 41/14, 110/15), we are notifying consumers that they can lodge a complaint, in which they express their dissatisfaction regarding a purchased product or the quality of provided service in writing, and the receipt of that complaint will be confirmed in writing without delay. The complaint can also be submitted in writing by sending it to: Vila Mora d.o.o., Zakotorac 8, 20240 Trpanj, Croatia or by sending an e-mail:

We will provide a written answer to the consumer’s written complaint no later than 15 days after its receipt, therefore we kindly ask that you provide your contact address in your complaint.

You can download the complaint form HERE


You can electronically fill out a form for the unilateral contract termination, which can be found on our website, and send it to our e-mail address.
We will send you a receipt notification by email without delay, confirming that we received the notification on unilateral contract termination.


1. Calculating the deadline for the unilateral contract termination

You can unilaterally terminate a contract within 14 days, without stating a reason.

In order to obtain the right to unilaterally terminate this Contract, you have to notify us about your decision on the unilateral termination of the contract before the expiry of the deadline with an unambiguous statement sent via mail or e-mail, in which you will state your name and surname, address, telephone number, telefax number or e-mail address, and you can also use the attached form for the unilateral contract termination, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

The deadline for the unilateral termination is 14 days from the day the goods, which are the subject matter of the Contract, were given into your possession or to a third party, which you chose, but which is not the carrier.

2. Reimbursement of the paid amount

We can carry out a refund only after the goods have been returned to the us, or after you deliver proof to us that the goods have been sent back.

3. Return of goods

Return of goods is only accepted if the goods are undamaged and in their original packaging.
If the goods are not in the requested condition (undamaged and in original packaging), the Seller will be unable to accept the refund claim, and the Buyer will have to pay postal charges in the amount of 50 HRK so that the goods can be sent back to his home address.

If after inspecting the product, the Seller ascertains that the goods were returned in the requested condition, he will refund the full amount, which the Buyer paid, to the current account or credit card, in the same manner in which the Buyer made the payment respectively, no later than 14 days after receiving the decision on the unilateral contract termination.

4. The cost of returning the goods

You bear the direct costs of returning the goods.

5. Responsibility of the consumer for decreasing the value of the goods

You are responsible for any impairment of goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

You are responsible for any decrease of the value of the goods, which resulted from the handling of goods, except for handling which was required in order to ascertain the nature, features and functionality of goods.
The right to a unilateral contract termination is excluded in the events specified in article 74 of the Consumer Protection Act. Complete information regarding the right of buyers to unilaterally terminate contracts can be found by clicking on the link Consumer protection act.

You can download the form for the unilateral contract termination HERE

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